little girl with scarf on head 1970's

i am a self professed memory hoarder...

This is a picture of me at age 4.  I can remember my Mom saving all our photographs in albums.  I think this is the reason why, as a young child, I started saving photos of everything.  I love seeing how my personality showed in these old photographs.  It's no surprise that I continue to preserve memories as an adult.

My passion is capturing the essence of the person in front of the lens.  In this way, I can help you create a legacy for your child and your family, so that years from now, your child can look back and get a glimpse of who they were at this age in time!  Time is flying by so fast!  Create your legacy now!

Some fun facts about me:

  • I married my high school sweetheart and am the Mom of  two boys.
  • I love to laugh...and talk.
  • I believe a great day is one that starts and ends with a good cup of tea.
  • A day at the beach or on a hike with my family is the ideal day!