Welcome to your school photo viewing page!  

Welcome Ben Bronz families.  As a parent of two BBA graduates , this was a very special job for me.  I had such a great time capturing the personalities of your children.  You really have a great bunch of kids here!

To view your child's school portraits, click the " Galleries" button  at the bottom of this page.  Once you enter, find your child's team album and individual name.  Siblings have a separate album.  Your gallery password is the month and day of your child's birth date.  For example:  0420 for April 20th.   For siblings, it is the birth date of the OLDEST sibling.  You can order prints, digital files and products right from your gallery.  Notice:  If you have two children and you are going to purchase all the digital files, please pay for all the digital files AND the sibling add on.    If you want retouching to touch up bruises, acne, etc. please add the retouching option to your cart.  Thank you!


Friday, December 21st!

I have a deadline so I can order all the photos at once - keeping  your cost low.  Other than digital downloads, print orders will not be available after Friday, December 21st at midnight!  

Remember that all collection orders come with a complimentary school photo! 

Some kids are willing and ready to give me a variety of expressions and some are more reserved.  For this reason, some children may have more photos in their gallery.  I can assure you I have done my best to take a variety of shots for you!

I have created a video tutorial to answer any ordering questions you may have.  Please click play below to watch this video before ordering!


Thank you for entrusting me with your child's school memories!