School Photos Can Be Fun!

School Photos Can Be Fun!

What if I told you that middle school and high school photos don't have to be boring, stiff and painful?  Well.....


Southington, CT school portrait high school senior

Erin Wood Photography takes a whole new approach to school portraiture.  I joke, we laugh, we have FUN!  The result is natural looking expressions and a glimpse of who your child was this school year.

CT school photographer tween boy
CT school photographer teen boy

Simple and Classic

I use a simple black backdrop and, yes, I photograph some of your portraits in a horizontal orientation for a more casual feel.  

CT school photographer private school

I take care of EVERYTHING!

I still take care of all your school's needs.  You get a copy of a yearbook photo (in the traditional portrait orientation) of each child in your school.  You also get free staff photos and class photos.  In addition, I donate 10% of my profit to your school as a thank you!

CT private school photographer

Siblings too!

I even photograph siblings for you at no extra charge!  

CT private school photographer siblings

"I can't believe you got my son to smile!" 

-high school parent

CT school photographer private schools
CT school photographer

Are you happy with your school portraits?

Are you happy with your school portraits?

Southington school photographer preschool

I'm a parent, just like you.  And I've received awkwardly posed school portraits with silly backgrounds and cheesy grins, just like you!  I have news for you!  

School pictures do not have to be awful!

At Erin Wood Photography, I offer Fine Art School Portraits.  I service small private schools, daycares and preschools!  I take the time needed with each child to get natural facial expressions.  I use a classic black backdrop with a simple lighting set up to create timeless portraits.  

Erin Wood Photography Southington school photographer preschool

School pictures can be fun!

When I arrive at a school, I come to have fun!  I joke, laugh, talk and sometimes just have some patience with my subjects.  Many of my parents report that their child has never had such a fun school picture experience.  And fun leads to guessed it....better school pictures!  

"I cannot find the words to express how amazed I am by the pictures you took of L.  You are such a talented person and she loved the experience!" - happy Mom

Southington School photographer preschool

I also photograph siblings!  How many school photographers do you know that do that?  

Contact your school today and ask them if they're ready to try something new and different!  You won't be sorry that you did!  

How do you get natural expressions in portraits | Southington, CT child photographer


How do you get natural expressions in portraits | Southington, CT child photographer

Erin Wood Photography Central CT child photographer boy first communion


You've made the investment in custom portraiture for your child. You've planned the outfit.  You've set the date.  How do you ensure your child will smile for the camera on the day of your session?  The simple answer is.....YOU DON'T!

Erin Wood Photography Central CT child Photographer one year old boy in park walking

Capture them as they are

If you're still with me, you might be panicking!  No smiles?  Isn't that why you take portraits?   Yes, and no!  A legacy for your child should include their personality, right?  I aim to capture all aspects of your child's personality.  Of course, I will try to get a smiling shot.  I always do!  But, I don't get it by saying cheese, bribing or threatening!  I get it by playing, joking and having an all around great time with your child.

Erin Wood Photography Central CT child photographer little girl dancing

In the portrait above, this little lady is showing me her latest dance moves.  She loves to dance to one particular song.  As soon as I started singing it, she started dancing.  This was one of her mother's favorite shots from the day because it captured her daughter's personality and how she is right now, at this age!

Erin Wood Photography Central CT child photographer shy toddler

Serious expressions

Sometimes, kids are shy or serious.  It's worth capturing this part of their personality too. I realize that forcing a child to smile by saying "cheese" or "smile" might not get the job done. In fact, it might just force a fake smile.  I know you didn't hire me to get a picture of a fake smile.  So, if your child is being shy, we'll capture that.  Then, we'll get onto the silly stuff.  Most children, once they warm up, end up giving me tons of natural expressions!

Erin Wood Photography Central CT Child photographer little boy playing


Kids are curious and they love exploring.  This little guy was really into putting leaves in his pocket. His Mom says that he collects all kinds of things in his pockets.  When he needed a break from the session, I let him wander and explore.  Once I started discussing his collection with him, I got a great shot of his curious little eyes. Can you see the excitement in them?

Erin Wood Photography Southington CT child photographer siblings laughing


Overall, your child's session should be fun.  I ask parents to relax the rules for session time and to prepare their children for the session by describing it as a fun day in the park with Erin.  I ask parents not to threaten or bribe their children.  Instead, describe the session and incorporate something fun, like an ice cream after the session as a part of the experience! Leave the jokes and fun to me, and you won't be disappointed by the natural expressions that I capture on your session day!


High School Seniors | What if it Rains?


High School Seniors | What if it Rains?

Erin Wood Photography Central CT senior photographer senior boy in front of windows

It's that time of year again!  Senior season.  High school seniors are about to start their school year and it's time to get pictures done.  This is an extremely sentimental and exciting time...all at once.  Moms and Dads are thinking about their baby moving away and going to college or off to the work force, while their seniors are excited to move onto their future.  When I do senior session consultations, one of the biggest questions I get is,  "What if the weather doesn't cooperate for my session?"

Erin Wood Photography Central  CT senior photographer senior girl headshot

We can always reschedule

Senior sessions are  a very special, once in a lifetime type of session.  I am well aware of this. You've spent your hard earned money on a session fee and you want the pictures to be perfect.  I get it!   Things like hair frizz, sweat and rain all factor in.   The one thing I can say is...DON'T WORRY!  If it is pouring rain, or otherwise horrible weather, we can reschedule your session.  I am very careful with my booking to make sure I reserve some open dates in order to allow for a rain reschedule!  I will call you a couple of days before your session to confirm your date and time. During this phone call, we'll chat about the weather and discuss our plans.  If it is going to rain, I will watch the weather carefully and we will be in touch regarding rescheduling.   If the weather is uncertain, we'll come to a decision together and we will be sure to get your portraits in!

Erin Wood Photography Central CT senior photographer senior girl with stormy skies

The weather can add interest

Sometimes, inclement weather isn't the worst case scenario.  In the image above, it was an extremely stormy day.  The forecast called for on and off showers and thunder storms.  Mom and I had a chat and due to this beautiful young lady's schedule, Mom decided she didn't want to cancel.  When we arrived at the park, it was sprinkling.  We waited five minutes and this is the shot we got!  The rain had stopped and the sky was really dramatic!!!  We found shelter when it sprinkled and were rewarded with awesome sunflare and dramatic skies when it didn't!

Erin Wood Photography Central CT senior photographer senior girl in park

We'll stay warm

"My session is in the fall.  What if we get a really cold day?" Towards October and November, sometimes my sessions happen on cold days.  In this case, we will do everything to make sure you are comfortable.  I suggest seniors wear a comfy sweater and a jacket.  Layers always work well to give them different looks anyway.  Many of my clients will bring a blanket and gloves to put on in between shots.  I have even turned on my car and car heat for relief for a client.  So, again, DON'T WORRY!  We can get those shots in the cold!

Erin Wood Photography Central CT senior photographer senior girl on park bench

What about sweat and heat...ugh!

In the summer, the heat can get pretty intense in Connecticut.  Even in the shade, you can sweat and with our Connecticut humidity, frizz can happen.  I combat this in two different ways.  First, I schedule the majority of my senior sessions two hours before sunset.  This is typically the cooler part of the day.  I suggest my clients bring a care kit to their sessions.  Senior girls bring touch up makeup, oil dabbing cloths and hair brushes.  Between setups and shots, they can take the time to freshen up.  Additionally, I will keep a close eye on  hair and makeup to make sure your senior is looking their best throughout the session.    

Erin Wood Photography Central CT senior photographer senior boy golf

Don't worry....

Not matter what the weather conditions are, I will be sure to capture your senior's personality and create a legacy for him or her for years to come!





During the school year, I photograph schools, day cares and preschools.  My approach to school photography is fresh and modern.  I wanted to open up an opportunity for my clients to photograph their children during the summer months in the same style.  

Tuesday, July 18th from 9-12 pm.

Because Time Flies  |  Southington CT Newborn Photographer


Because Time Flies | Southington CT Newborn Photographer

I know the feeling.  You've just gotten home from the hospital and you're exhausted.  The entire family wants to visit and you just want to sleep.  I've been there, twice!  You may be tempted to say "I'll wait to do my newborn photos.  She'll be little for a while."  I'm going to tell you not to wait.  Why?  Because time flies.


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