Southington school photographer preschool

I'm a parent, just like you.  And I've received awkwardly posed school portraits with silly backgrounds and cheesy grins, just like you!  I have news for you!  

School pictures do not have to be awful!

At Erin Wood Photography, I offer Fine Art School Portraits.  I service small private schools, daycares and preschools!  I take the time needed with each child to get natural facial expressions.  I use a classic black backdrop with a simple lighting set up to create timeless portraits.  

Erin Wood Photography Southington school photographer preschool

School pictures can be fun!

When I arrive at a school, I come to have fun!  I joke, laugh, talk and sometimes just have some patience with my subjects.  Many of my parents report that their child has never had such a fun school picture experience.  And fun leads to guessed it....better school pictures!  

"I cannot find the words to express how amazed I am by the pictures you took of L.  You are such a talented person and she loved the experience!" - happy Mom

Southington School photographer preschool

I also photograph siblings!  How many school photographers do you know that do that?  

Contact your school today and ask them if they're ready to try something new and different!  You won't be sorry that you did!