I know the feeling.  You've just gotten home from the hospital and you're exhausted.  The entire family wants to visit and you just want to sleep.  I've been there, twice!  You may be tempted to say "I'll wait to do my newborn photos.  She'll be little for a while."  I'm going to tell you not to wait.  Why?  Because time flies.  Newborns are best photographed in the first two weeks of life.   I do everything in my power to make sure your session isn't stressful.  Below are some reasons to do your session early, rather than later!

Erin Wood Photography Connecticut Photographer newborn boy

Newborns change in the first two weeks

It's hard to believe, but they WILL look different in two weeks.  The wrinkles on their skin will start to fill in.  They will become more alert and not sleep as much.  Also, newborn acne sets in at about week two or three.  For these reasons, we want to capture them before too much time flies by!

Erin Wood Photography Connecticut Newborn Photographer Newborn boy in circular wrap

Newborn Stretch out!

Those cute, curled up poses are possible because your little one was situated in a tiny, tight space for nine months.  As soon as they are born, newborns learn the possibility of stretching out!  As time goes on, it is harder to get newborns to curl up in these cute poses.  I'm a safety gal when photographing, so I will never make a newborn pose in a way that is uncomfortable or unsafe.  If they are past the curled up stage, I will not force it.  For this reason, it is better to photograph as soon as possible.

Erin Wood Photography Connecticut Newborn Photographer Newborn baby yawning

It's a chance to relax!

Yup!  You heard me right!  Especially for Mom, the newborn session is a chance to sit back and watch in awe as your new child is photographed.  I handle all the set up.  I bring all the wraps and blankets. All you need to do is be home and feed the little one when they are hungry.  Other than that, you can watch me work and maybe even get a little rest.  People think they need to have an immaculate house and be ready to entertain for their newborn session.  This is not necessary!  Relax and enjoy this time because.....

Time Flies!